Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 7, 2014

Advancing Your Projects

I am fortunate to enjoy helping knitters.

Even more fortunate, many times they help me. Sometimes it is the simple email.images-1

I received an email, not unlike many, asking for clarity on a pattern. Many of my patterns are for a more adventurous knitter, so it is to be expected that a knitter may not have worked a pattern like mine. (Especially my 10 row increase sequence.) But, in this case, it was from a pattern that I did not design or knit.

I have written many knit and crochet patterns from looking at the finished item. Unfortunately, I must rely on memory and my file on the pattern. (I just realized, it is the same for something I worked on 5 years ago, too. I have changed the way I design and knit a piece today.)

Even the most simple question asked, can lead me to learning how I can make a pattern more clear.

images-2A side note: I do not always agree with the way Americans “spoon feed” a knitter with a written pattern. Some publications go beyond what is needed in a pattern. If the pattern states ADVANCED, simple moves should not be explained or take up space being written out.

Back to the email. This is what I wrote after the second email:

Personally, I always encourage knitters to change patterns to make them fit the style and body of the knitter. So, I encourage you to make this piece your own – if you want……..:)

This leads to the title of this post: Advancing Your Projects.

Changing the pattern to your liking can advance your skills and knowledge. Yes, you may not like the changes you make. Yes, but you may LEARN why the pattern asked you to work it that way.

Example: 5 stitches at the edge of a piece keeps the edges from rolling in.

2nd Example: A 1×1 rib on the end of a sweater will be TOTALLY different than a garter stitch end.

Thinking about the change you make can make you change your plan of attack. Sometimes, you realize (while you are making the change in the pattern) that it is not what or how you wanted the change to be in your knitted project.

Which can lead to another lesson in Advancing Your Project – ripping out. 🙂

Happy Knitting and Happy Life- Long Joy in Advancing Your Projects,



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