Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 21, 2014

Underarm Joining

I LOVE it when someone asks me a question to clarify a project! I then have a great blog topic!Unknown

This time I was asked to clarify the process of joining the sides and back while putting the sleeves on waste yarn.

I alway love the part of joining the back and sides. Putting the sleeves on waste yarn and continuing on with the jacket gives you the joy of trying it on – which then makes me want to keep going to finish!100_5192

Many times in a pattern, I use the sleeve division section that was created by my favorite tech editor – one I have learned a lot from and one I have disagreed with on many occasions! LOL

The best way to describe this process is: Think of this row as knitting only your sides and back. You can slip your sleeve stitches to waste yarn before you work the row. It is just easier to knit to the sleeve area then slip them to waste yarn.

I usually knit to the sleeve area, slip the sleeve sts to waste yarn, CO the underarm sts, work the back, slip the next sleeve sts to waste yarn, CO underarm sts and finish working the last side.

A Side Note: Sometimes I knit the sleeve stitches onto a cable holder (interchangable needles). It makes the process of knitting the sleeves easier. When it is time to knit the sleeve, I just attach the needles on the end and a way I go!

What patterns also don’t tell you is the best way to cast on. This is where the simple loop cast on works best. I blogged about cast on styles Here: Cast Ons

Luckily, in today’s technology age, there is a you-tube video on almost everything. Even multiple ones for you to pick the one that helps teach you the most. (I will try and keep plugging away at expanding my You-Tube videos – I need to try recording in just one take – and I rather be knitting!)

Another Side Note: In the past year or so, I have started to knit the back of my garments longer. Before joining, I knit about One Inch more of the back section, then I join. A discussion about how sewing patterns account for a longer back area at sleeve sections prompted me to start this practice. I have been pleased with the results – back areas not riding up.

Happy Knitting,


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