Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 11, 2014

Side Tracked – Again!

I am side tracked – this time it started with fabric.

I recently purchased a batik fabric that has the same blue as my Barcelona Lace Jacket. Being an artist at heart, I purchased the fabric and a simple pattern for a long summer dress.

OF COURSE, I changed the pattern – I simply cannot help myself!

I chose to put in a zipper in the back for easier entry and to be able to make the dress a bit more form-fitting. I tried and tried to find fabric in solid blue as the blue in the dress fabric. (For the neck trim and straps.) No such luck!

So, I went to the crochet thread area deciding to crochet my trim and straps. No blue, but I did find a tan thread that blended with the batik fabric.

Home, I opened a crochet magazine that had one of Maire Treanor’s articles on Clones Lace.  And, that’s all it took to get me side tracked!images-1

Simple crocheted edging has been taken off the table and Clones Lace – or Irish Lace – is now my focus for the top of this dress.

Two purchases later from a tatting/crochet on-line store, I have a bit brighter blue than I wanted, but have motifs started for the dress (and turquoise blue pinwheels for a jacket for batik fabric purchased for a summer skirt). I also purchased a book on Irish Crochet Motifs to help with the project.

I know despicable ME!

For those who know me, I am a bohemian artist at heart – I just was brought up in a conservative family. I love one-of-a-kind items and I am fortunate to be able to make them. Therefore, in-between knitting mostly stockinette on the jacket that is on my knitting needles, I am crocheting motifs with size 20 thread using a 1 mm hook. (Kin to size 000/1.25mm knitting needles.)

I have found a perfect pattern to imitate the flower on the fabric – a design modified from a regular crochet book and worked with principles from Irish Lace Motifs. Then I modified a patterns for the leaves on the fabric. All similar to patterns I found, but with changes to imitate the batik fabric.

100_5193I cannot stop myself. I should be exercising, getting tax receipts together, putting the lace cardigan pattern on my website and cleaning the house. Okay, cleaning the house isn’t as pressing………

The Photo at the left is hours of trial and error for the back of the dress. The 2nd side only took about 6 hours. (Much less time than the 1st half. )

As always, I will keep you posted on my progress on my projects.

Happy Creating with All Types of String,



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