Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 18, 2014

Art is Art

Creating is something I always must have in my life. Being Creative in any Artform excites me.

What ever Art I create, I want it to be something I am proud of showing and sharing with others.  For something I wear, that means smaller needles, hooks, yarn, thread and other embellishments.

And when it is an art that I have not refined, it means: research.

At the moment I am researching crochet – particularly Clones Lace or Irish Lace. What I want to relate in this post applies to Knitting as well.judith clarke4

To learn to work a craft well, one must first practice. Practice on pieces that will sit in a pile and never be used – except for later study and reference. Practice first with larger needles/hooks and yarn to learn the moves of a pattern stitch or motif – then make the move to work them smaller. Next, learn to decipher directions and make your own modifications to the pattern to fit your needs. IE: body, climate, style, size of yarn or thread.

I want pieces to look purchased. Therefore, I want lighter weight materials and take the time to research by looking at lots of finished items by designers and others that have worked the craft. Doing so, inspires me to perfect the craft I want to work and be proud to wear. There are so many that create beautiful wearable art and not surprisingly, many do not take photos of their handwork.

Dolorous Jewelry on Adelaide Kane as Mary stuart on Reign 2My daughter’s favorite T.V. show is Rein. I watch the show with her and see the fabulous gowns the actors wear. I am reminded of the skills the craftsmen of the era had to create intricate pieces of art for gowns and other items. Click on the photo to the left for a larger view of the dress. (The top is crocheted.) Just in my research to find a photo of this gown, I was amazed at many detailing of many of the costumes for this show. Brocades, many types of crocheted pieces,  knitted items, and extraordinary embroidery. All to inspire Art in us all – even if we don’t wear night gowns with hand-made lace at the neck and sleeves any more.images-1

Intricate lace and beaded work was saved for royalty and weddings. I probably should start on wedding lace now for my daughter. It could take years in the making because of the research and practice needed. – and when all the pieces are ready to assemble, she will want to buy off-the-rack – I’ll then turn the work into something for me to wear proudly.

Happy Creating Beautiful Art,



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