Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 4, 2014

Special Projects

Every once in a while you need a special project. A project that warms your soul.images-1

I dropped everything and in around 8 hours of working the project (yes, I timed myself – sort of) I delivered the project and felt a sense of joy.

Some mornings, I have been watching my new little neighbor so her mom can take her brothers to school. After rounds of multiple kisses from her brothers, it is just Maggie and me.

Maggie is  defying the medical profession and is starting to grow and thrive. She still has a feeding tube that is placed in one of her nostrils. It is a bit long and has a large end to fit into a syringe or the I-V type machine.

She is starting to be more active and one morning grabbed the tube and yanked it out. Can’t blame her – you and I would want to get rid of it too!

Later in the day, I stopped by JoAnne’s and to my surprise found a fabulous light weight cotton “thread.” Aunt Lydias Baker’s Cotton to be exact. It is a size 3 crochet thread. I grabbed a pair of size 1 DPN’s – Deborah Norville has a surprisingly fabulous needle line that JoAnne’s sells.

I headed to my Monday night stay at the Dance Studio, cast on for gauge, then started a 2×2 rib in the round.

How did I know dimensions? I found a wonderful website with measurements for making premie wear. Check it out Here. I am proud to say it is through people in my home state! You can be a volunteer and help them out, or start a group in your area.

Back to the Hat – using light weight cotton gives a soft and light hat. The rib allows stretch and the ability for the hat to stay on better.100_5202

The next day, I finished the hat then crocheted a long stem with different sized leaves and a larger flower to attach. (Thank YOU Irish Lace research and getting side-tracked!) The flower is attached at the top with a chain to allow the flower to become a pocket.

The finished project is pictured. The feeding tube can now be weaved through the stem and the end tucked into the flower!

Pure Joy.

XXOO – Nancy


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