Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 11, 2014

When your Family thinks you ARE Crazy!

You know it is bad when your family thinks you are crazy! And for me, that means: more crazy than usual.

100_5204The other night, my husband was brushing his teeth to go to bed, I gently walked up with an Irish Lace Motif in the palm of my hand and proudly said “See what I just made!”

I received the usual husband grunt: “That’s great, baby……”

“But you don’t understand! I wrote the pattern from pictures only off a website! The website is in Russian!”

“Sure, honey. Wohoo! That is great!” (in a sarcastic tone)

So I went to show my daughter – “She’ll appreciate it!”

“Great, Mom, it’s not like it is anything out of the ordinary. You do that stuff all the time.”

So, my family thinks I am crazy. Only someone who knows the hours it took to pull off this feat can appreciate my accomplishment. So, I am sharing through my blog……

This Irish Lace obsession has stolen my time, has forced me to join Pintrest (for the incredible source it is for motif patterns and inspiration) AND has my eyes hurting from focusing too long on tiny, tiny, tiny stitches!

Maybe I AM crazy.

But, I am loving it – for the challenge, for the knowledge, and especially for the levels of creativity it takes to accomplish a project. Color, Pattern, Texture and all with a BIG dose of Composition.

I am next figuring out a motif from a chart. Not as hard, but its notes are in Russian.

All for a jacket. Will it be ready to show off in June at a banquet?

Hmm, I still need to finish the lace for the dress – I ‘d like to wear that at Easter. And don’t forget the knitted cardigan for the April D.C. trip!

Shhh! I just bought more batik fabric today!

Happy Crazy Times with String,





  1. I’m certainly impressed!

  2. Way to go, Nancy! I just hope for my own sake you won’t switch completely to crocheting. I can crochet, and used to crochet a lot in the past, but these days I much prefer knitting. Easier on my eyes as well as my hands, plus, most of the time it allows me to read or watch something at the same time. However, you have my respect for the beautiful and intricate work that not everyone can appreciate. By the way, my first language is Russian, and I have used Russian crochet patterns many times; in fact, I still prefer working from their charts to long-winded patterns popular in the English-speaking world. Let me know if you need help with translation or anything else, I’d be glad to help.

    • Thank You Alyssa! I will keep your translation offer in mind if I get stuck. I prefer charts, too. Americans want everything spoon fed to them. Charts are universal and easily figured out in almost any language.
      I definitely will not be giving up the knitting. I love knitting too much. In fact I was just digging through my stash to see about starting something that inspired me from a fall fashion article…..It may be an upcoming blog….:)

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