Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 18, 2014


I absolutely HATE when I make errors.

Sorry, I mean errors when writing patterns.

Well, I don’t particularly like making errors of any kind. My personality is a bit of a perfectionist – at least in my head.Unknown

Patterns have a lot going on. Unfortunately, me being detailed orientated, sometimes I make really stupid errors on the simple stuff. The simple errors hurt the most to my ego.

I try my best to suck-it-up and put my ego to the side while addressing errors in a pattern. After all, I am in the helping industry when it comes to knitting, crocheting or any artistic craft. It is my basic desire to help anyone who wishes help – so I need TO HELP.

I suppose that could be said about my personality in general.

While I have the ability to be incredibly judgemental –  I would never intentionally  say or write anything to be mean or to make someone feel bad.

A character flaw? (the judgemental part)  Maybe. Probably. Okay, I am putting myself out there! I HATE to be wrong!

I am intelligent, have the ability to visualize and – yes – I am good in math.

So, where am I going with this? I feel distress when I make errors in patterns. I torture myself. So, maybe, all I need to say is Sorry.


I am sorry for any errors I have made that cause you stress.

Knitting – and any other craft – should be joyful and stress free. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are human. And all of us crafters know errors come with the territory!

And while I have you here – ripping out builds character. I am proud of you for ripping out. I am proud of you realizing that you are learning and realize that patterns have errors at times. If there weren’t any errors why would there be corrections available on line and addressed via Ravelry. It’s frustrating, I know. Don’t blame the yarn company or request complementary yarn because you may need to rip back a large number of rows – you might have to do that due to your own mistake. We are ALL human. after all.

Happy Stress Free Working with String,




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