Posted by: GourmetGirl | April 1, 2014

Building Patience

Choosing the right yarn for a project takes practice and unfortunately, a lot of trial and error with different yarns.

This hold especially true with your first projects, but even applies to the veteran knitter. The outcome might not be what you expect.

Building Patience can be a life long journey. I remember overhearing my Grandmother say that I had the most patience of all her grandchildren. I was in elementary school and didn’t think I had near the patience that was required to accomplish the quality of work I wanted in my projects.

Building Patience is something I still work on.100_5148

The yarn I am using for my Paradise Cotton Tank is not for those without some patience. It even could be said that it is a Building Patience Yarn. The yarn has four tiny strands of cotton threads. The four strands give fabulous drape. The four strands change to allow the knitted piece to slowly morph from one color to another.

One form of patience is required with this yarn simply by the need to use all the skeins together. Meaning, knit with one skein until a strand changes color, then move onto the next skein until that skein has a color change. Simple enough.

Here is what would make many knitters say “I DON’T want to have that Building Patience experience!”

As you knit along the strands do not stay together. One is always longer than the others. So, smoothing of the strands is necessary as you knit the four strands into your work. At certain points it can become knotted.

Luckily, I am changing skeins, so cutting the yarn to change to the next skein really helps the problem. But the Building Patience part is that cutting the yarn needs to happen before a strand changes color.

Another part of Building Patience is that sometimes a strand doesn’t make the “knit”. You know, when one strand is sticking out and not worked into the stitch with the other strands. It takes looking at your knitted work as you knit along then unraveling one stitch to pick it back up to correct the rouge strand.100_5146

This project has a long path of Building Patience – and we haven’t even mentioned that I am knitting on U.S. size 1/2.5 mm needles!

So, you may be saying to yourself, “Why is she torturing this way when there is surely another yarn!”

No, it is not to Build Patiences. It is to be able to create and WEAR a lightweight summer tank to make me feel like I am in Paradise during the summer heat. Having a special piece that I want to WEAR is worth all the tangled and rouge strands of yarn! – or at least it is to me, and I am the one Building Patience today………….

Happy Patience Building,



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