Posted by: GourmetGirl | April 8, 2014

Favorite Pieces

So, what are MY favorite pieces? Which knitted garments do I wear the most?

Here are my current top wears:

PurpleHaze4Purple Haze – the absolute most comfortable!

Barcelona Lace – the style, the yarn = xxoo.

Tampa Nights – the style, the yarn = another xx00. People turn their heads to take a second look at this tank!

Cool Pools of Water – style and yes, the yarn, too – it is dreamy to wear.

Up-Town Girl, Newbury Street Jacket, Harmony and Spring Wild Oats – YARN, YARN and yes, style…….and comfort.

Walking Vest, Annebelle, 4 Joy, McLaughlin Jacket and Forest Nights.



There are many I love to wear – it just depends on the time of year. But what is the most consistent reason to wear them?

Top reason would be comfort – the feel of the yarn and the fit of the garment.

Next would be style. I must feel comfortable wearing the style.

I does come down to comfort. We all want to feel comfortable.

Happy Comfort Knitting and Comfort Wearing!




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