Posted by: GourmetGirl | April 29, 2014

Making Art

I am the resident Art person. I know a few others, but we are definitely in the minority. We are the people who have most any art supply so that a neighbor can swing in to finish a school project by finding it in my closet.images

The need to create art – in any medium – is in my blood. Therefore, you will find many supplies in multiple mediums in multiple places in my house.


And where am I going with this?

Art is subjective – therefore one person loving your creation and their friend standing next to them is thinking: “What! Is she crazy for liking that?!” In the same aspect, the project you are loving, and are showing your neighbor, is only glanced at because they are loving the project that you’ve thrown in the corner!

Adding beads, other embellishments, or using bold color is for some and not for others. We want the project finished and usually do not take the extra steps that can make a project “special”.

I have a hard time when creating my wearable art with all the decisions and possibilities.

1. Color. For me, neutral solid colors are the basics that I want in my closet. They are the safe and easy grab to put on. Unfortunately, they are not the colors that lure me in the Yarn Shop! The bold vibrant colors grab my attention and make me happy. But sometimes, they are the skeins that sit in my closet looking pretty.

100_41502. Texture and Pattern. Stockinette is boring to knit. But again, it is a smooth and lighter texture for a garment to be comfortable (most times). Adding beads is an option – but that also takes away from everyday wear and sometimes the comfort. Adding lace patterns have been an option to keep my interest, while not adding weight to the garment.

3. Style. I want to knit and wear styles that are In-Trend. At the same time I don’t want to spend the money and time on a piece that looks out-of-style in 5 years. I know we all see the little old ladies proudly wearing their favorite jacket from 1980 and in another 20 years, you may see me in a jacket that is from 2014 – I just hope it’s not too out of style…….

4. Turning the Piece into Art. It is Art for the simple fact that I designed and made it. The big thrill is that no one else has the same piece. What I really want to do is push the art farther. Make it stand out – without making it too bold for everyday wear. Do I add complex patterns? Beads? Bold splashes of color with embellishments?

I submitted a design once that had a basic neutral colored cardigan. One that could be knit short, medium or long. I then proposed different collars and cuffs that would be buttoned on. Therefore changing the color, style, pattern – boldness of the garment. I called the design: Bohemian Rhapsody. My daughter and her best friend helped me put together the presentation board, all the while we listened over and over the song – for inspiration.100_4041

Maybe it is a design that should come out of my closet. Once the basic piece is completed, I could create Art Pieces from my closets full of bold yarn, beads and any other embellishment my drive-to-create-art desires! I can make it trendy, textured and bold for those days I say: “I feel like wearing something dramatic”. Or button on something classic and neutral on for other days.

I had no idea this post would finish this way! Making Art is what drives me to keep on Knitting, Crocheting – and smearing Venetian Plaster on my walls. Creating wearable art is lifelong.

Happy Knitting and All Other Forms of Art,





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