Posted by: GourmetGirl | June 24, 2014

Woman Cave

My husband refers to my office as my Woman Cave.

This came about because a friend and I call our husband’s TV/Media/Gaming Room, The Man Cave. Simply because they hole themselves up for hours on end in their little slice of heaven.

I started out with a chair in my office. I added a back floor light and a small cabinet beside me. It grew to several knitting bags and other bags that hole different projects and yarn. I then added one footstool with storage. Then it grew to two footstools with storage. In the last month or so, I added my blocking board.

I decided it was time to share what has become part of my Woman Cave.100_5223

In the photo you will see a few of the projects I am working on. (This does not include projects in totes for traveling or what is pinned to a t-shirt on my manikin. And, of course, does not touch what is on my side cabinet, its open drawer with items flowing out or the knitting bags, totes or other things around my chair.)

Please note the important items, such as my phone and a to-do list to keep me on track with my life outside of my “Cave”. (You can click on the photo for a larger view.)

Knitting to the left, on top of printed Russian Charts for Irish Lace Motifs. The almost finished Lace top to a dress I made, which is on top of a black top that I am using as a guide for a white lace top (center and far right). You also can see the turquoise thread (what is pinned to my manikin), a Nicky Epstein crochet book tucked below and even a box of printer ink and paper that was delivered yesterday at the top of the photo.

20130916_111123Woman Cave is right! It brings me hours of creative joy!

My dog loves to sleep in my curtains and gives me constant companionship. Ready at any moment to give me a kiss – to remind me that he is with me.

Life is Good.

Time to take him on a walk………..I’ll throw some laundry in on the way out the door. (It’s always on the list.)

Happy Creating Bliss,






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