Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 8, 2014

Looking at Your Work

Reading your knitting is what jumps you from a beginning knitter to the next level.

The better you read your knitting, the sooner you stop and/or catch mistakes and the easier it is to follow a pattern and a pattern stitch.

When you read the pattern stitch that you are working on – by looking at your work, you know where you are in the pattern stitch. This knowing where you are, as you knit, lets you follow a complicated pattern with more ease. It also lets you know when there is a mistake before you work too far.

Yes, you usually need to work a couple of repeats of the pattern stitch to be able to follow along by “seeing” or “reading” your work. Don’t feel bad if you need to tink back or rip out when first working a new pattern stitch – this happens to even your most experienced knitter.

Nov2010SwatchWhen first given a complicated pattern stitch, it is not a waste of your time to work up a swatch. Working the swatch allows you to understand and get to know the knits, purls and yarn overs that make the pattern stitch special. That dreaded “swatching” just wont go away! By knitting up a swatch, you can make your mistakes on the swatch instead of in your project.

Looking at Your Work by admiring your handy work is a good idea also. It lets you see the different characteristics of the piece, lets you see a mistake early on, and gives you a sense of pride in the work you have completed.

Knitting is a constant learning experience. You can change the way you knit by Looking at Your Work and learn to read your stitches.

Happy Knitting,





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