Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 22, 2014


I remember my first chart. I was frighted by the large numbers of rows, columns, dashes and blank areas.

It was just knit and purls, but as I stared at the chart with wide eyes, I swallowed and plunged in!Cables

After a bit the chart was not scary at all! It was sooooo much easier to follow than long lines of k3, p1, k3, p1, k6, p1, k3,………..where it was easy to get lost in the written directions.

I could actually SEE the pattern in the chart and find my place with ease!

Of course, I have learned a few “tricks” along the way to make chart reading easier.

My favorite way is to put the chart in a plastic sheet and use a dry erase marker to draw through the row I have just completed. It makes it very easy to see my next row and I don’t have to worry about a bulky magnate board or a bumped bar. When I am finished with the last row I just tissue off the marked through rows and start the chart over!

To the above right is a page I found on Pinterest. It is a great example to show knitted cables and their charts. Note that the symbols for the cable actually leans in the direction the cable is worked. Look and you can visually “see” how you will be working your rows.

SerendipityPractice with a simple chart first. Then before you know it, you will not shy away from more complicated chart like the one pictured to the left!


I urge you to take the chart plunge! It will bring a whole new area of beauty to your knitting skills!

Happy Knitting from Charts,





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