Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 29, 2014

Knitting Sleeves to Fit YOU

One of the many “standardized” sizes I disagree with is that long sleeves for sweaters should be knit 17 – 18 inches in length.

Yes, if I shove a tape measure up my armpit and measure down to my wrist it is 18 inches. If I knit a sleeve 18 inches it always seems too short. Even with the start of the sleeve an inch or two below my arm pit – 18 inches is too short of a sleeve for me. When I move, the sleeve always seems to move up my arm.

Look closely at all those sweaters displayed in the magazines – have you seen how short some sleeves are on the models? Even the sweaters that are obviously too large for the model (shoulder seam appearing too low on the arm) the sleeve ends above the model’s wrist. Sure some models could have extra long arms for their 5’10”, 105 lb. body. But, a size 38 inch sweater’s sleeves should be long on them – not too short.

Further research on this phenomenon made me run to my closet and start measuring sleeves of store-bought clothes that I liked the sleeve length. I wear extra small to small. The sleeves from the underarm seam to the end tends to run abound 20 inches.

I knit that sweater I was working on 20 inches. It was perfect in length – it never seemed to ride up too short, and it has a nice drape over the ribbing. Yeah!

On my next sweater I didn’t knit my sleeves that long. I was measuring, trying it on, trying it on and trying it on. I figured this sweater must be different. I knit it to 18 inches.  Wearing the finished sweater – THE SLEEVES WERE TOO SHORT!

One of the many things us knitters need to remember when wanting our sweaters to fit well – measure clothes that you own that fit you the way YOU like them and knit to those measurements! Don’t follow the knitting standards. Knit for YOUR body.

Can I repeat that again?

Knit to fit YOUR body. Don’t knit a sleeve 12 inches in circumference if you measure 14 inches. Likewise, don’t knit your sleeve 17 inches if all the sleeves in your closet measure 20 inches. (A tape measure can be your friend.)

Happy Knitting to fit YOU,



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