Posted by: GourmetGirl | August 5, 2014

It is All in the Details

I have always been a fan of the phrase: It’s all in the details.
My paternal grandmother was my teacher and I didn’t know how much she taught me until it was too late to ask her questions.
I remember the day she commented that I had gained more patience. I couldn’t believe she thought I had any at all!
Patience is something I believe I need to always be working on, because I feel I lack enough patience.
100_4150Patience is required to obtain detail. Detail in a craft. Details do not happen without patience. Experience in creating details is worth striving for the rest of my lifetime.
In knitting, details can be as simple as rows of even stitches. Beads added. Cables completed. Lace winding and looping in fascinating knots.
Details in knitting, crocheting and sewing is something I am continually working on. I want my wearable art to be State-Fair-Blue-Ribbon-Worthy!
I feel Grandma helped me to strive for the details.
I will continue to remember her patience in the details. Patience in all forms of Art and/or Craft. And patience in life.
It’s all in the details. And I will keep looking……..
Happy Being in the Details,

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