Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 2, 2014

Children Know MORE

My 15-year-old daughter FINALLY wants to learn how to make clothes!

Sewing. Yes, I am talking about sewing. She seems to think that if she has the desire to make  it – it will happen.Unknown

In theory, I do agree.

Desire plays a LARGE part of making something happen.

However, she wants to be able to skip over the basics. Like setting up the machine and learning to sew a straight line.

I told her, “Let’s start with making a pillowcase for your body pillow on your bed”.

BORING! She wants to make a t-shirt dress. Then a pair of shorts that look like a skirt. AND without thought of material and difficulty. She wants to jump right in and make something to wear!

I remember when I taught her and a friend to knit. Once she got the hang of the knit stitch, she became bored. SURPRISE! She was too young, I thought, to teach her to purl. So, I taught her to slip one, knit one, pass the slip stitch over. And off she went.

Now, because her Momma knits, she did not really want to knit. I still have that 7 inches of a scarf that has “her” pattern stitch. In the back of my mind, I always hope she will finish that scarf.

Knitting, crocheting, or any other type of needlework – needle CRAFT – takes time, experience, PATIENCE.

I am HAPPY that she realizes that if she wants garments that are special (without paying an arm and a leg) there is only one way to obtain them – MAKE THEM YOURSELF. Making your special garments yourself is the way to HAVE special garments.

I am channeling my grandmother now: Patience, Patience, PATIENCE.

My daughter may be starting out on the learning to sew (creating garments) later in life than me. But, I am THRILLED that she is ready to learn! Sometimes, I fear that the needle crafts of making garments is slipping by the way-side. Sure we see it on Fashion Runway. But, what about day-to-day America? When the “Wonderful-World-of-China” is gone, will people go back to making their own clothes?

As I am writing this, she is “googling” knitting machines, watching videos and is delighted in how fast the machine can knit.

Heavy sigh.

Patience. Where is the patience?

Let me know when you find it…..

Happy Knitting and Creating,





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