Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 16, 2014

Yarn and Needles

Newbury Street Jacket with May Lace Scarf

Newbury Street Jacket with May Lace Scarf


What’s your favorite yarn?

Wool? Cotton? Alpaca? Linen? A blend?

And the size? Sport? DK? Worsted? Aran? BULKY!??

Choosing the right yarn for a project can make or break its final outcome. And choosing the size of needles will play a big part, too.

My general feeling about mixing yarn and needles: 1). The smaller the needle size, the happier the final project. 2) Keeping to 100% natural fiber or blend of natural fibers the happier the final project.

Yarn can be a personal choice. Cotton over wool to wear more times in a  year. Or the love of the soft spin of alpaca can win over at other times. Your needle size, however, can make you happier for the final project.

It is easy to obtain roughly the same gauge over 2 or 3 different needle sizes. The smallest needle size will cause your fabric to stretch less. Too tight it becomes rigid and too loose it can be saggy and baggy.thumbnail.aspx

If you can find the patience: knit up 3 swatches with the same yarn using 3 different needle sizes. Block, dry and test the stretch. The time spent on matching up your needle size to your yarn can bring  you happiness with your final project.

Remember your goal: To Wear or Use your Project.

Isn’t that more important than the speed of you finishing?

Experience with choosing the right yarn and needles takes some work. And, even all the work and experience you put into your project does not guarantee you will be In Love with your finial outcome. Too many factors come in to play, like the pattern choice. But, if you do the job right, your stitches will be perfect because you chose the right yarn and needle size.

Happy Knitting Bliss,





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