Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 23, 2014

Cyber Knitting

Reading about knitting history makes me think of all the changes in knitting – especially since the start of cyperspace.

Where would we all be without the internet? And does the internet and the communities it offers, change the way knitter’s knit?

You are probably thinking: “Dah! Of Course!”

But, think about it – don’t you still knit, purl and yarn over? Isn’t it still just moving around string with sticks?

I think the biggest change of the 21st century in knitting is the ability to have a knitting community.

There always have been knitting communities: in someone’s home, church, community center, library, etc. Those communities have not been available to all knitters. Many knitter’s in the past have knitted alone and have only been able to advance their knitting skills by reading.

Now you can watch a YouTube video about how to work a move or technique. You can “chat” with a knitter thousands of miles away on how they proceeded on a project. It really is fabulous.

But, in the mists of the whirling cyber knitting, one still can find the knitter who looks for designs that are pushing the envelope of creativity and craft. They are out there. Some are posted on the internet and even more are knitted, worn and admired without the aide of technology of the 21st century.

As I am caught up in 21st century knitting, I am constantly being torn – smaller, simpler projects?  – or – More intricate challenging projects? Even if I start with a simpler project, I just can’t help myself to add something of interest. Even if it is an added embellishment. Which, to me, is what makes a project event more special.

What kind of 21st knitter are you?

Happy Knitting Your Way,






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