Posted by: GourmetGirl | December 5, 2014

Knitting Goals

Life sometimes forces you off your schedule. I have still been knitting away, but posting has been on the bottom of my list lately. And now that the holidays are uphond us, well let’s just say schedules change daily.

My Mom, Daughter and I are planning a trip to Ireland next fall. So, of course, I have Ireland knitting goals!

I am starting with a light weight jacket from fingerling weight yarn in my stash. It is multi-colored and perfect for layering with other colors. Cascade Yarns was my “go-to” company when planning. Cascade Yarns has dependable  quality and I have numerous color cards for easier pairing of colors. Next was a large on-line store that would hopefully have more matches to what I wanted. Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 9.15.44 AM

I chose Webs. And Look What I FOUND! Yep! That is my design, Modern Argyle, I produced for Cascade Yarns a couple of years back.

Like most of my designs, it is a sweater that is knit by more experienced knitters. It has been knit by posters on Revelry and they have worked through the twisted and unusual cabling.

Modern Argyle is one of those I have knitted that I wish I could have kept. Oh, well, on to others in my head……..

But, what I have learned from this design, is how lighter weight yarn produces a more desirable garment to wear more often. So no surprise that I purchased for my Ireland wear Cascade Yarns Venezia Sport for a pullover design. My Barcelona Lace Jacket is made from this yarn and is probably one of my most worn pieces. I get excited just thinking about another piece made from this yarn!

Well, I need to get back to that schedule thing. I’ll get some photos of the yarn that is staring at me for my Ireland Project and post again on my progress.

Happy Knitting!





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