On The Needles

100_5268Noro Cardigan done, worn, taken on two trips, I have photos but I need to finish the pattern.

High School Cardigan done. Worn multiple times and Washed Once. STILL needs Photo.

Spring/Summer Top done since last summer! Worn Multiple times AND washed at least three times! It is ready to put on website and Ravelry. I even knit up a simple decorative scarf to wear with it and a jacket – I should write it’s pattern.

Is there a theme going on, yes?100_5204

I am still working on Irish Lace pieces for a jacket. Something to give me challenge and interest in-between knitting. And to finish up a Irish Lace top to a dress. I also started a top-down crocheted top! It has Irish lace pieces mixed in.

Knitting is still my first love. It is rewarding and relaxing. And, I must admit: I love having numerous projects going on – sometimes I put full concentration on one to finish to wear.

I have a simple scarf/shawl out of Louisa Harding Simonetta to take “on-the-road”. It should be fabulous for added interest and sparkle to an outfit.

I also have picked back up a cotton tank I started last summer and I have been working on it all this summer, too!

I also know that a heavier brown lace cardigan, that already has gauge and beginning pattern stitches laid out, will be calling me to put it on my needles soon………….I love the challenge of working pattern stitches into increases.

My motto: Too much yarn and too little time!


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